Hottest Racing Games are Here

With branches in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Plan>It Interactive’s inventory of interactive games is unmatched. Experts in each branch guarantee to be your No.1 resource for team building, scavenger hunts, video games, casino games and interactive experiences of all kinds. Two of the hottest, most popular games on the market right now are Segway Racers and Go Karts.

“It’s time to learn what the amazing Segway craze is all about!”says Skip Smith, President of Plan>It Interactive. “This is truly a unique experience that appeals to men and women, engineers as well as non-excitable types. People have seen this modern mode of transportation for the last couple of years, and we give them the opportunity to experience the thrill of navigating an obstacle course filled with twists, turns and ramps.”

Segway racing is great for team building, competition or just for fun, and set-up is easy: no power is needed for this attraction. The course space is adjustable; for peak experience, plan on 30 feet by 100 feet. Racers get a practice lap, then the race is on as three or four racers negotiate five more laps through a course of cones and flags. Segways are easily maneuverable and the course is simple.

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a professional driver, to feel the rush of adrenalin from making a perfectly executed high-speed pass to the inside? You can, with Plan>It Go Karts! Go Karts are also a real crowd pleaser, providing everything you need to “Rev Up” your next event. From the Grand Prix-style track complete with safety barriers to full racing gear and instruction, maneuver your 45 mph professional kart through the turns. Trade in your business gear for racing gear. Plan>It Interactive provides the ride. All you need to do is drive! This attraction requires no power and is best experienced with 150 by 225 feet of space, on flat asphalt.

“It’s a very inclusive experience,” says Smith. “You can stage fun team-building races like accounting versus sales or R-and-D versus marketing that involves the spectators and racers alike in friendly competition.” Whether you’re a driver or a spectator, you’re at the races, having fun. Set your event’s tone with Go Karts, and get your people fired up!

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